Painting the pool PINK!

Guess what—great news!  I am the proud new owner of a 14 WFIE hat!!!

I wore this guy almost all day (with my dress clothes) I was so excited!  I'm a big hat person, and I've been hoping to get my hands on one of these for a while now.  They can MAJORLY come in handy when covering weather/outdoor events (and make up for bad hair days)!

In other news (yes, I know, what could compare to my new hat?!?)… today, I spent pretty much the entire time at my desk writing and editing my story on Pink Ribbon Aquatics.  It's a new group exercise class for breast cancer patients and survivors at the Bob's gym North and Newburgh locations.  Right now there are only a few people coming to the classes because they are so new (just started a few weeks ago), but they seem like such a great idea!


Kim Groves is the brilliant mind behind it.  She's a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Aquatics Instructor, not to mention a two-year cancer survivor.

Kim, the other ladies in class, and the employees from Bob's gym were all great.  Very helpful and such good sports to let me film them in their bathing suits (trust me, I'd have protested!).  And I've gotta say, when I walked out of the pool area to leave there were a LOT of really in shape people around.  I was thinking I'd look pretty darn out-of-shape next to them!  Also felt slightly wrong that I was heading home to eat Crock-Pot mac 'n cheese.  Whoops!

Ok, back to class.  From the outside of the pool, it didn't look TOO hard.  Water kind of slows a lot of things down, you know.  But the ladies reassured me, it can be as tough as you want to make it.  They work on cardio, strength training, flexibility and relaxation.

Ahhh… these are the kinds of stories I crave as a reporter.  Can't get enough of them.  The tough part is, they take quite a bit of time to put together.  More time than we usually have.  Most days we work on two different stories, but today I only had to work on this one (and it was already shot last night).  Having all that time kind of spoiled me a little bit, so I soaked it in and ENJOYED! :)

I'm sitting here debating now whether or not I should go to the Calvin Klein (the fashion designer!) presentation at the Victory Theatre tonight.  It's through UE.  Seems like it should be pretty interesting, and I've never been in the Victory.  Law & Order: SVU will be on the DVR so I guess I shouldn't let that hold me back, ha! :)

Hope the week's going well.  Enjoy the last little bit of Indian summer.  Friday temps are expected to drop 25 degrees.  Booooo!  I guess we have to face the facts—it IS late October.  We knew it was coming… and now Jeff Lyons says that autumn weather is (almost) officially here to stay.

Until next time,