Caught on camera!

Ahhh… a nap is in my near future I believe!  I'm working a split shift today so that I can go shoot what I think will be a GREAT story this afternoon.  There's a new class that's just getting going at Bob's Gym for breast cancer patients and survivors.  It's called Pink Ribbon Aquatics (obviously happens in the pool!).

Probably the coolest part about it is that the group leader/woman who created the class is a survivor herself.  I'm thinking the story will air tomorrow.  Here's to hoping it all comes together the way I'm envisioning.  Always nice when stories do that!

What's not nice—is when you have a flub on camera!  This morning I got caught unprepared when they came out to Beth and I at one point.  I didn't realize I was going to be on and was sitting there looking in the wrong direction and fixing my hair.  Whoops!  Wish I could have thought of something witty to say when I realized it—but I didn't.  Ha!  Luckily, Beth was on her game and read my part of the script (probably while wondering what the heck I was doing)!  Gotta laugh at yourself now and then, right??  I just hope my hair actually looked good after that:)

Well-- back to the normal grind tomorrow.  Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Until next time,