Walking for a cause

October must be a good time for vacations, because I'm back for vacay relief on Sunrise a few days this week.  I'll be in for the pun-tastic Dan Katz again tomorrow before heading back to my regular shift.  :)  Missin' ya already, Dan.

I'm going to keep this quick because I'm dying to get outside and enjoy the weather (and because I really REALLY need to do some laundry), but wanted to share some pictures from this weekend's inaugural CureSearch Walk for Childhood Cancer at Garvin Park/Bosse Field.


More than 500 people came out to be a part of this awesome event.  Our lovely Jackie Monroe served as MC and did a great job (as if there would be any doubt!)  Here we are—along with Jackie's little guy, Jude, reporter Ally Kraemer and our friend Emilie Thompson (a dedicated 14 viewer and blog reader!!)

I know Jackie has been personally touched by Lane Goodwin's courageous battle against cancer.  She was able to meet Lane shortly before he passed away, and I know that had a big impact on her.  Her fundraising efforts alone for this event I believe raised more than $4,000!!  That is awesome.  Truly a wonderful co-worker and friend.  14 is so lucky to have you, Jackie!

By now most have heard about Lane's story and his love for "thumbs ups", but, sadly, there are so many other children who have been lost to cancer—or who are still fighting.  This event remembered many of them.  Before the walk began, all the children there who were cancer survivors came up on the stage to receive a medal—handed out by a fellow survivor, a Mater Dei grad.  Talk about a well-deserved recognition.

Then parents who had lost a child to cancer came forward and lit a candle.  I cannot even imagine…

One of the teams at the walk was "Stay Strong Sam".  I had to stop and take a picture with the Memorial Tiger mascot wearing a Samstrong shirt.  Sam-- is Sam Featherstone, a recent MHS grad who just found out his cancer is back.  Such devastating news, especially because he had been doing really well.  Sam was even away at college.  Now his life, I'm sure, is turned upside down once again.  Sam, I hope you will keep fighting!!!  You have many people on your team.

Also at the event, one of the organizers, Mike Feller.  Mike's sister, Michelle, is a good friend of mine.  We've known each other since kindergarten!  Mike and his wife have two boys—Ryan and Adam.  Ryan is a cancer survivor—of a very rare form of cancer.  Mike and Meagan—thank you and all the others who organized the walk.  It's so great to have an event like this is Evansville now.  It joins dozens of other CureSearch walks throughout the country!  In all, more than $36,000 was raised.  That money will go to fund clinical trials across the US for children with cancer.

Hats off to those strong children and their families.  Great job, Evansville!!!  Keep fighting!!

Until next time,