Babies galore & farewell Katie!

It's currently 7:40pm on Friday.  I'm sitting here trying not to get annoyed as my computer refuses to re-size a picture for this blog post.  After about 10 attempts, I'm starting to lose my sanity!!!  Grrr…

I'll tell you, the newsroom is pretty lively tonight.  In the past hour or so there have been a couple of fires, a jack-knifed semi call and now an accident with two people possibly trapped.  Lots of action for our nightside crew to handle.  (Is it bad I'm glad I'm about to leave so I don't have to deal with it??!!  I'm ready for the weekend!! :) )

Usually I'm not here quite so late, but I was in Mt. Vernon until after 6 tonight covering a big drug-round up that happened early this morning.  The good thing about being in Mt. Vernon around dinner time is that it's home to one of my favorite BBQ places, Hawg 'n Sauce.  I had time to order my loaded baked potato and wolf it down between live shots:)  If you ever go—I recommend the Ida-Hawg.  You can't go wrong!!!

I've written here before that most days we reporters work by ourselves and shoot our own video.  If you ever see us live somewhere though during the news—we have company.  Photographers meet us with "live trucks" and handle all the technical aspects of getting us "tuned in" as it's called so you can see us during the show.

Today I was working with our photographer Derek.  We took this picture after our last live shot before we headed out.  He was happy most of his curly locks were cropped out of the picture because he didn't think he was having a very good hair day:)  Usually, Derek's hair looks a lot prettier than mine (even with all the greys!!) :)  Hehe...

The nice thing about having a photographer at our live shots is that we don't have to deal with the set-up of the equipment.  Tonight I took advantage of that and ate my BBQ while Derek did the dirty work.  I ate in the car listening to the radio.  Quite the "dinner" break, right??  At least it was yummy!

This isn't exactly work-related, but I wanted to share some cute pictures from last night's Hoopfest at the Ford Center.  This adorable little Purple Ace is Carleigh.  She's with her momma, Taylor.  Taylor and I ran cross country and track together at Memorial many moons ago.  Kind of crazy she has a little girl now!  I love Carleigh's little bow and was happy to get to hold her for a little while.  Tay Tay, ya done good, lady:)

And I'm thinking little Carleigh might have herself a boyfriend soon if she's not careful.  This tuckered out guy is Jimmy.  (They're both around the same age and so cute in their purple!)  Jimmy's dad, Charles, is my best friend from grade school's older brother.  He and his wife are big UE supporters.  We decided we need to get Carleigh and Jimmy on the Kiss Cam at a game.  How cuteeeee:)

Well… it's now 8:14pm and it's time for me to get OUT OF HERE!  I'm sure I'll see some 14 News viewers tomorrow morning at the CureSearch Childhood Cancer Walk at Garvin Park.  Jackie Monroe has a team walking for Lane Goodwin that I believe has raised more than $4,000!!  That's awesome!!

For now though, I've got a going away party to get ready for (And here—Jackie would tell me, you shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.  I know, I know!)  Our amazing 10pm producer, Katie, is moving on to a new job in Indianapolis.

We will miss her and her bright smile terribly.  She's also our resident party planner and chef.  Maybe that's why I've been cooking a little more lately, because I know someone has to take over for her.  I made chocolate chip cookies for her farewell today.  Pretty sure that was the first time I've ever made cookies from scratch.  They weren't bad, I must say!

Miss Katie—we will miss you and your positivity!!!  Best of luck in your new venture.  Come visit us when you can!!! Muah!  Xoxo!

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.  I'm looking forward to spending some time outside enjoying the beautiful fall colors before they're gone.  Those trees will be bare before we know it.  Boooo!!

Oh—and—I'll be filling in for Dan on Sunrise next Monday & Tuesday.  Sooo… if ya wake up early, tune in!

Until next time,