14 News speaks with the mother of child involved in alleged locker room cam incident

Warrick County Prosecutor Joann Krantz has not yet returned our calls.
Warrick County Prosecutor Joann Krantz has not yet returned our calls.

BOONVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Earlier this week, we reported that former Boonville Middle School teacher, 30-year-old Andrew Emmons resigned.

Emmons was arrested last month, accused of placing a recording device in the women's faculty restroom.

Friday night, a parent who says their child was recorded inside the middle school girls' locker room, wants to know why nothing has been done since the new recordings have come to light.

As we've reported, police investigated a connected investigation of cameras hidden in the girls' locker room. Now, that case is in the hands of prosecutors.

Friday, that parent tells us they don't think a simple voyeurism charge is enough.

"It's affected their life tremendously," the parent says.

This Boonville Middle School parent, who doesn't want to be identified, says their child was recorded in a girls' locker room at the school, telling us the situation has an emotional impact on students like theirs.

"Now, I think they're going to view teachers as a whole completely different," the parent said. "They don't feel safe in the locker rooms, in the bathrooms."

The parent we spoke with Friday tells us, their child has talked with a school counselor..

"I sent her there hoping they could tell her something I couldn't tell her. The counselor only told them to focus on volleyball and winning conference."

That parent says officials instructed them to call Warrick County Prosecutor Joann Krantz regarding the impact this case has on students.

The parent tells us they've called and left more than one message, for the prosecutor, but have yet to receive a call back.

The parent wants to tell Krantz just what this situation means for the families involved.

"This is not just a next door neighbor that was looking in the window," said the parent. "This was a man that these kids trusted. This is going to affect the rest of their life. I don't want him to get a slap on the wrist and everything be okay."

Emmons is out of jail and the case is now in the hands of prosecutors. As of news time, the Warrick County Prosecutor has not yet returned our calls.

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