Taking A Stand: Presidential Debates

Taking A Stand: Presidential Debates

Did you go on Facebook or Twitter during this week's Presidential Debate? If so, you probably were overwhelmed by the number of political posts.

Some were probably interesting or funny to you, some had you nodding your heads in agreement. Others probably seemed like they were gloating or taunting, and some may have had you seriously considering the reasoning powers of some of your "friends". Maybe you even posted some of your own "well-thought-out" arguments.

The funny thing is, people supporting the "other guy" had exactly the same feelings about posts supporting or opposing their candidate.

It's important to remember with all of the election "Noise" out there, and it is building up to a dull roar right now, that we ARE ALL still Americans.

We all have similar hopes and dreams, and people that support that other candidate, they still love this country, and want what's best for it. They just disagree about the best way to get there.

We can argue about politics and not lose sight of our fundamental decency.

We should treat elections as serious as long as we don't forget that democracy and voting are also FUN.