Team Lane

Thoughts and prayers today are with several families dealing with the c-word: CANCER.  The outpouring of support for the Lane Goodwin family in Beech Grove, KY, is absolutely amazing.

Hoping they have a great turnout at the CureSearch walk this weekend at Garvin Park and at the Fall Festival Fundraiser at the Henderson County Fairgrounds.

For many around the Tri-State, "Lane" is now a name that doesn't need any further explanation.  As a family friend said today in our interview, he's the "thumbs up" kid.

I actually ran into Lane's grandmother at the gas station in town today while I was there.  I didn't know who she was, and didn't plan on seeing any of his family.  She told me Lane was her first grandchild.  That she saw him come into this world and saw him leave it.  That just isn't right.  One day there will be a cure and families like Lane's won't have to deal with this pain, right???  I sure hope so.


Until next time,