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Condolences and memories of Lane Goodwin

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Lane Goodwin, the 13-year-old McLean County teenager who brought a voice to childhood cancer awareness, passed away Wednesday evening at 7:53 p.m. surrounded by family.

Lane's family released has released this statement.

"We would like to thank the community for the incredible display of human kindness over the past two and a half years. Our sweet Lane had a beautiful smile. He was full of energy and loved sharks, fishing, soccer, adventure and his brother, Landen. Lane had an incredible Christian faith, and we are able to find peace in the extraordinary life he lived in his short few years.

We have been amazed and touched by the worldwide thumbs up movement in honor of Lane. Lane believed that the awareness this movement brought for childhood cancers would lead to a cure. Lane's legacy will live on as we move forward with the commitment we made to him to find a cure."

Lane's story captured the nations attention, with tens of thousands of people sending him "Thumbs Up" for support.

In his life, Lane wished for childhood cancer awareness because he believed it would lead to a cure. He achieved the awareness. His family says they will work tirelessly for the cure.

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Funeral arrangements are pending.

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