A hot date and bad hair day :)

Gotta make this entry quick!  I've got a hot date tonight!  (And don't take that the wrong way because my dining companion is fellow reporter, Allyson Kraemer. ) :)  We are going to be cooking up some fettucine alfredo and  playing the "getting to know you" game.  Sounds kind of like an actual date now that I put it that way, but I promise it isn't!  Ha!

Allyson is our newest reporter and we haven't been able to sit down and chat much since she's started here.  There isn't a lot of time for that during the work day:)  She hasn't been here long, but Allyson is doing a great job and brings a fantastic attitude to the newsroom.  Her future is bright!

Ok—my only other thing to touch on today is my trip to the Casino Aztar Hotel.  They're in the middle of some massive renovations, and I got to see a newly updated room.  I'd never been inside an old room at Aztar, so General Manager Ward Shaw took me there first.  These rooms haven't been updated since the hotel was built 16 years ago.  And Ward is the first to admit, you can tell.


The new rooms aren't completely finished, but you can get a good idea of where they're going.  There are some finishing touches still to be added—like the bedding, but I think they look great!  Instead of plastic bathtubs, guests now can use glassed-in showers and fancy- schmancy sinks.


I also really like the carpet.  Very floral and modern!  I approve:)

The next big project at the hotel will be a renovation of the lobby.  That's coming in early 2013—so stay tuned!

Finally, how's this for your laugh of the day?!  I was out shooting the work going on outside of the hotel this afternoon and boy was it WINDY!!!  This is what I looked like when I got back in the car.  I looked in the mirror and figured it was worth a picture.

Well, hope your Wednesday is treating you well.  If you can, say a few prayers for Lane Goodwin and Sam Featherstone, two local teens fighting cancer.  Sam is a Memorial HS grad.  Lane—in McLean County, KY— isn't doing very well… and Sam got some pretty disappointing MRI results back this week.  Cancer really stinks.

Thanks for checking in.

Until next time,