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Posey County Schools updating emergency plans

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Currently each classroom in the North Posey District has one of these maps. Currently each classroom in the North Posey District has one of these maps.

Steps are being taken to make schools safer in Posey County. 

The county's emergency management director is set to meet with North Posey District next week to update all four schools emergency plans.

Currently, each classroom in the North Posey District has a map. It gives specific instructions on what to do in various emergencies. But, school officials are looking to do even more to make sure students are safe. 

A nearly 50 page guide gives teachers and students instructions for almost every foreseen emergency.

"That could be everything from a lockdown to a tornado. It could be a chemical spill to an issue with GE or something like that," said Steve Kavanaugh, Posey County Jr. High Principal and Safety School Specialist. 

Next week, Posey County's EMA Director Larry Robb is going to look over the school's plan.

"We look for advice to make it better. It's not just to put on a show, it's to keep our students safe," Kavanaugh said.

"I know North Posey probably has had some consideration because they've got more students since they consolidated with New Harmony schools. That is extra students for them which means they have to think a little bitter bigger," Robb said.

Robb says schools in Posey County have a lot to consider. 

The county is not only known to have severe weather, it's also home to businesses like Sabic and the CountryMark Oil Refinery. 

"We expect one major hazardous incident of I-64 every 14 months. We've not had one is several years," Robb said.

Emergency crews hope that trend continues, but they say students, parents, and teachers need to be prepared. 

After reviewing the procedures in place, Robb plans to visit each school. Parents say they're in full support.

"Helps the parents out, makes them feel at ease, and helps out of the kids to let them know what to do," said North Posey Parent Bruce Lane.

Currently, the district practices drills twice a semester. 

The principal tells 14 News just last week they had two local fire departments through the buildings, which lead to several suggested improvements.

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