Lunch ladies rule!

Erin Meyer finds out how powerful a crash impact can be at seven miles an hour

Well, here we are-- back to the normal swing of things today!  I must say, I rather enjoyed working Sunrise-- yesterday, in particular.  All the sleep I got over the weekend served me well through the day.  I even had the energy to make these yummy caramel apples!  (And by yummy, I mean, they look yummy.)  I have not tried one, nor have I heard a verdict from the recipients.  So if no one gets sick, I'll take it as a success.

They were actually not that hard to make, just a little time consuming by the time I got to the 18th one!!  I felt very Betty Crocker-ish though, by the end.  The kitchen floor was pretty much covered in bits of Reese's Pieces and pretzels, but hey—cooking's a messy sport sometimes.  Ha!

Today was a great way to get back into the everyday "grind" so to speak.  I covered two positive stories.  Yay!!  First up, a trip to Harper Elementary School for the launch of the EVSC's "Try it Tuesday" program.   One Tuesday a month, the kids are served a fruit/veggie that's new to the menu.  Today: jicama!

It's a root vegetable with a texture kind of like an apple.  A lot of the kids seemed to like it.  Here they are giving a thumbs up:)


Like many of the kids, Harper's principal, Lana Burton, had never tried jicama, either.  This is the two of us before her first bite.

And how about a shout out to all of the lunch ladies and lunch gentlemen out there?!  Such an important (and I'm guessing sometimes thankless) job!  At the end of the lunch line, I met Judy, the cashier.  She's been with the EVSC 20 years.


Sounded like a long time until I found out Marcia, the cafeteria manager, has been with the corporation 32 years!!    That's her on the left next to kitchen rookie Jim (he came out of retirement to help at Harper and does dishes and whatever else is needed), Brenda, the cook (29 years with EVSC) and Celeste, the server.

Now to my aside on school lunches.  I used to love "buying" at school back in the day.  I rarely ever brought my lunch.  And I, for one, can't tell you how excited I would be if we could get school lunches at work as grown-ups.  Buy a lunch ticket from the finance office and forget having to pack a lunch or cook??  Genius!!

Part of the lunch experience in grade school was always working in the cafeteria.  Funny how they willingly got us to agree to do dishes back thenJ  I went to St. Ben's, and one of the greatest cafeteria items there were the rolls.  They'd have them, I don't know, every other week or something and you could buy extras for I think a quarter.  Back then, carbs were not much of a concern (oh, the joys of getting older-yuck), so it'd be nothing to eat MANY of them in a day.  If only time… and my metabolism… stood still.  Sigh.

Anyway, back to the real world!  After the jicama experience it was off to the Roberts Stadium parking lot for a teen driving course.  And this was much more than just driving through cones and parallel parking.  65 students from Memorial, Mater Dei and Reitz got to experience the impact of impaired driving, practice reacting to a skid or slid-out and go through an evasive driving course.  That one was basically a practice on how to quickly react in case you have to quickly swerve on the road (i.e. a deer runs in front of you, a car stops quickly, etc.)

That was pretty entertaining.  I drove it myself and rode in the back while one of the Mater Dei students went through the course.  I'm not known to be a very good driver amongst my family and friends, so I wasn't really all that confident about my performance.  In the end though, I did a pretty good job.  My instructor gave me an "A", so what more could I ask for? :)  See how happy I am?? :)

They also had something there that simulated the impact of a crash at just 7mph.  The video connected to the entry is me trying it out.  I'm not kidding, that thing hit hard!  Do that a few times and I'm pretty sure you'll feel the same way you do getting off a roller coaster at Holiday World!

I always enjoy covering good stories about my alma mater, Memorial.  Today, I got to catch up with my old P.E. teacher and MHS volleyball coach, Miss Bell, which was nice.  And I reminisced about my driving test all those years ago (who's counting??).  All I had to do was drive around a block- one time.  And that is probably why my family friends don't think I'm a good driver.  :)

Overall, a good day.  I even got a (teeny tiny) sticker for my achievements on the road.

Hope you all had a fantastic day.  I'm off!  Got a crock-pot recipe my mom gave me for Mexican chicken waiting for me!  Again… wish those school lunches happened in the real world.  Or school dinners for that matter…

Until next time,