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Residents respond to the second Presidential Debate

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Round two took place on Tuesday night as President Obama and Governor Romney debated in a town hall format at Hofstra University.  

A lot of democrats said the president was more laid back in the first debate, but Tuesday night, both candidates came into round two with their gloves on.  

Both candidates answered a variety of questions from the audience. Concerning their tax plans, both said their plan would benefit the middle class and help create jobs.  Then both said their opponent's plan would do the opposite.

The audience was made up of 80 undecided voters, a group both parties are hoping to sway. But, can that be accomplished during a debate?  

We asked some of you at a local viewing party and some politicians what they think.

"No matter what the candidates say, they have their opinion that's what they think.  They're either democrats or republican. Exactly. That's how they think about stuff," said two who attended a viewing party. 

"I feel the majority of the people have made their minds up. There's quite a number of folks who really haven't decided and I think the interest is being shown in this election much more so than in the past ones," said State Representative Ron Bacon.

"I think maybe the talk shows, the morning talk shows after the debate, probably do more saying with how they cover," Evansville City Council Member Jonathon Weaver.

If you haven't decided yet, you'll get one more chance to hear from both candidates. The third and final debate is set for Monday night at Lynn University in Florida.  

14 News will carry that debate live on-air and online.

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