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Roberts Stadium demolition back on track

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The city now has a firm quote of $773,000 for demolition. The city now has a firm quote of $773,000 for demolition.

Evansville City Council has put back money in the 2013 budget to demolish Roberts Stadium.

This comes just after the council tried to stall the project last week.

The city now has a firm quote of $773,000 for demolition.
On Monday night, several city council members say they've been left no choice but to level the building.

Those for and against the demolition spoke in front on the Evansville City Council. 

"Let's put our tax money in a park, which will benefit the community as a whole," Evansville resident, Barbara Dye said. 

"Roberts Stadium should be standing. It could be used for a lot of purposes," Evansville resident, Paul Bitz said.

Realtor and appraiser Cory Mills told the council Monday night he ran a study on the marketability of the building.  

Mills say the city may be able to get money for the building, but that he would not advise trying to sell it. 

"There's no one who wants to take on the problem the city has and fix it for us," Mills said.

City council members are split on what should have been done with the stadium, but council members say at this point they have but only choice.

On Monday, the council put $500,000 and $187,000 from public auction back into the 2013 budget for demolition.

"The community has been backed into a corner. This administration auctioned everything from the electric system to the doors to the windows, and have put people who are proponents for maintaining the building in a situation where we frankly have no choice," said council member Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley. 

"What this is is, government at it's worst. It's taken good government money and through the process of this government, we are now at the point where, just like Stephanie said, we are backed in the corner," council member Al Lindsey said. 

City council members will officially vote whether to approve money at a budget meeting next Monday.

Other discussions at the meeting involved what to do with the stadium for the rest of the year, including whether to keep the pumps running and what should go on the land next.

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