A Hot Mess of a success...

Welcome back!  Hope you had a restful weekend.  I know I did, mostly because I went to bed at the same time a 3-year-old does every night.  I guess this Sunrise stint did a number on me!!  Saturday night was the best (and perhaps most embarrassing).   I was in bed a few minutes after 8pm.  Had a couple of those nice moments when you wake up and realize you still have a long time left to sleep.  Ahhh.  Sleep.  Why, oh why, didn't we enjoy it more when we were younger??  Like any of us would fight a demand to take a nap as adults! :)

If you saw the blog Friday or watched the news much at all the past week or so, you probably heard about Operation Hot Mess.   A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to be a part of it Saturday morning!  For a first-time event, things seemed to go very well!  I know Mayor Winnecke was very pleased with the turnout.  Unofficially, I've heard more than 400 people showed up!  That's awesome!


A little later today we should find out which school won (it will be based on the greatest percentage of participation from the school, not how much trash was collected).  Sadly, I don't think it's going to be my team, Harrison.  :(  We had a GREAT group and picked up A LOT of trash, but I have a sneaking suspicion New Tech is going to be the victor.  They aren't all that big, but seemed to have a strong turnout.  We shall see!  I just know I want to be invited to the party:)


It should also be interesting to hear just how MUCH trash was collected.  I know my group filled up the back of a pick-up truck pretty good.  The kids were a huge part of the event, but they weren't the only ones making it happen.  Thankfully, the folks from Allied Waste were there to help gather the bags of trash and keep us supplied with bags and gloves.  ('Cause I know I wasn't ABOUT to touch any of that stuff without protection!!  Ha!)

I did have one kind of embarrassing moment while we were out collecting cigarette butts and broken glass bottles (among many other things…).  There were a lot of people participating, so at one point I started guiding along who I THOUGHT were members of my team.  I was telling them, "C'mon guys, we need to catch up, ya da ya da."  Then when I caught back up with the rest of the group they told me I was definitely wrong!   Whoops!  We needed team colors or something!!!  (Next year, next year… )

Once the hot mess situation wrapped up, I ended up doing an update on a fantastic story we've reported a few times on 14 News.  Remember the Harker family?  Kenneth served in Iraq and ended up losing both of his legs.  He has a hard time getting around the home he currently shares with his wife, Heather, and their adorable 9-month-old baby girl, Kinsley, in his wheelchair.

But, in a few months he won't have to worry about all the tight corners and tall shelves.   That's because Homes for Our Troops, a national non-profit organization, is spearheading an effort to build the Harkers a new home.  I'm told they should hopefully be able to move in sometime in December!

The house, by the way, looks so nice!  This weekend 150 volunteers came out to lay down sod and rock and build a swing set/playground thing.  In front of the house there's a flagpole with a Homes for Our Troops flag.  The day the Harkers receive the keys, that flag comes down and an American flag goes up.  Heather is already bracing herself for all of the emotions that day is going to bring.  They'll be happy tears, I'm sure!  I told her to remember the waterproof mascara!  Anyway, way to go volunteers—and congratulations Kenneth and Heather!!

The last few days I've been hanging out with Dan Katz on Sunrise, but tomorrow I'm back to my regular reporter schedule.  Looks like I'll be back to staying up past 8pm just in time for the second Presidential debate.  And that's a whole other topic… ha.

Have a great day, Mom and Grandma (and everyone else reading!!!!).

Until next time,