Owensboro High School students test out texting and driving simulator

Owensboro High School students will get to see the effects of texting and driving, but without the danger of being on the road while doing it.

You've probably seen the commercials about texting and driving emphasizing the idea that 'it can wait.'

Monday morning, Owensboro High School students will get to be the first in the region to test out AT&T's peerless awareness driving simulator.

Drivers' ed classes and junior and senior English classes will get to test out the simulator.

This will allow them to see how to prevent an accident that could occur as a result of texting and driving.

According to a release, texting while driving increases the chances of being in an accident by 23 times.

Kentucky House Bill 415 banned texting for drivers of all ages while the car is moving back in 2010.

So far, over one million people have taken the 'no text on board' pledge.

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