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FOP holds forum to decide which KY candidates to support

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Candidates for local and state offices squares off Sunday in Owensboro.   It was a political forum hosted by the Owensboro FOP Lodge.

With election day just over three weeks away, local organizations are starting to make their endorsements for political candidates. The Owensboro GOP is no exception, and Sunday, candidates made their pitch for why they should receive the FOP's endorsement.

Owensboro FOP President Jeff Payne says, every election, Lodge 16 endorses political candidates, based on their stances on issues important to police officers.

"This is just part of the process," said Payne. "We like to have the candidates come, sit down, and talk with them, tell them our issues and see where they stand on those."

This year, those issues include the possible amendment of the police officer's Bill of Rights to include internal investigations, the handling of police pensions and retirement, and the prospect of a new juvenile detention center in Daviess county.

"It makes sense to me in a town and a county this size, to have a juvenile detention center open," said candidate Tim Kline.

"I know it happens with you guys, when people come and complain about things and they come when they think that you are not prepared, to complain against you. So, I support your Bill of Rights," said Kentucky State Representative Jim Glenn.

"We will have to take steps that deal with this," said candidate Marian Turley. "Because, what's going to happen if we don't and we don't do it now, is that somebody is going to go to cash their pension check one day and it won't be any good."

Five candidates for State Representative, and four for City Commissioner, participated in Sunday's forum.

After hearing three-minute responses from each candidate on each issue, Payne says the FOP will be meticulous in deciding its endorsement.

"We'll go into closed session and start hammering it out, start talking about, you know, who is for and against. That kind of stuff," he said.

Most of the candidates at the forum say they are in favor of a new juvenile facility, amending the police officer's Bill of Rights', and aiding police pensions and retirement.

However, some of the candidates differed on how best to support those issues, something that could affect the choice the FOP makes in its endorsement.

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