During the commercials

....During the break

Wowsers!  Today has been a D-A-Y!!!  I'm a little overdue to make my escape from the newsroom and start the weekend, but I refuse to mess with my streak of posting an entry every day!

So, what's keeping me here, you may ask?  A few things, actually: mostly distraction and the pursuit of perfection.  But why is it that perfectionism never actually means you did something perfect??  It's a frustrating and twisted concept!!  For me, I think it just means I'm spending too much time on something:)

Really, I've been working on a fun story airing tonight at 5 about the pumpkin crop at Mayse Farm Market this year.  When I don't have much of a deadline, I tend to take wayyyy too long completing tasks.  Does that happen to anyone else??  Usually when I get back to the station to put together my stories I only have a couple of hours to finish everything.  Today, since I worked the Sunrise shift, I had pretty much all day.  It's a good problem to have, I guess.  I'll take skipping the frantic rush in favor of staying a little late. At least today!

If you've never been to Mayse Farm Market on St. Joe Ave., I encourage you to check it out sometime.  Paul, the owner, is a super great guy.  And a busy one, too!  Today I arrived a few minutes after 8am for our interview.  He then drove me out to their pumpkin patch and back to get video before switching gears and playing chauffeur to a big group of kids going on a wagon ride.  He was on Midday with Mike and is hosting a fraternity from USI at the farm tonight.  Wooh!  Wears me out thinking about it!!

This summer, of course, our farmers like Paul had a rough time dealing with the drought.  Crops died, and it was NOT FUN.  Period.  But, there is a bright side.  The pumpkin crop seems to be doing well.  It certainly is at Mayse.  Paul guesses they've already picked between 7 and 8,000 (yes THOUSAND!) pumpkins this year.  The magic to producing a great crop this year was to irrigate over the summer.  Paul said it had been a few years since they'd had to do that, but without it, who knows if we'd have enough pumpkins to go around this fall!  Eek!!

Before I left, I bought a couple of little pumpkins and a yummy apple cider.  I think it helped me put together a better story... really brought the Halloween season to my desk.  Ha! I was even nice and gave Dan a pumpkin to make up for teasing him about needing his glasses today:)

I'm sure a lot of people will be heading to Mayse this weekend to try out the corn maze, wagon rides, games and (of course) to pick out some pumpkins, but there are a lot of other things happening over the next two days as well.  The big one for those of us at 14 News is Operation Hot Mess.  It's a competition between all the EVSC high schools to see which one can get the biggest percentage of students to pick up trash on the West side Saturday.  I'm a team captain for Harrison's team, and I've got a good feeling about our chances.  This was my message to the Warriors earlier today.  I've really enjoyed the double meaning "talking trash" has taken on as all of us reporters and anchors tease each other about winning.  Pride is on the line, so don't let me down, HHS!!!

Switching gears a little bit, let's rewind to this morning.  Newsrooms, I think, are pretty notorious for having communal goodies sitting around.  Today, I walked in to both cupcakes and cookies, courtesy of our 4:30 and 5am Sunrise producer, Katy.  That creepy-looking hand in the picture belongs to Lucas, our Sunrise director.


That's him sitting at the table, marking scripts.  (Sidenote: All of our directors sit at the communal food table as they prepare for the shows.  They probably either develop great willpower or a need for larger pants.)  I made it through the morning eating just one chocolate chip cookie.  I thought that was pretty good (I had 3 slices of sausage & pepperoni pizza from the communal table a few days ago, haha!  Portion improvement!!)

I have one more day of Sunrise coming up Monday, and it's been a great time so far.  Today, I decided to take a video to show you what happens during commercial breaks.  Basically, Dan & Byron just riff on each other and I laugh.  Well, not during every break, but…

The best part is that they thought I was taking a picture and were posing like goobers:)  And I say that with love.  XOXO!  You'll see a guest appearance in the video by Kenny Perkins who was breaking up the "fight" between B & D.  Kenny operates the studio cameras during the show and does his best to make Byron laugh while he gives the forecast.  Good work, Kenny!

I know I'm carrying on too long, but a lot has happened today!  I wanted to share these pictures of our furry visitors this morning.  This brother & sister are at the Vanderburgh Humane Society, waiting for someone to give them a loving home.  It's tough to see in the picture, but the black cat, Hilda, is missing a leg.  The Humane Society says that's the way she was born, and it doesn't seem to be slowing her down.

Hilda's four-legged brother, Poindexter, also needs to be adopted.  VHS is so overwhelmed with pets that it's actually not really accepting new animals right now.  I'm not exactly an animal person (insert eye rolls and "hahs" from those who know me well), but I do hope those who are will consider stopping by and adopting a new friend.

Well, I've now been at the station for about 13 hours.  It's time to make a break for it.

My parting words: good luck to the Memorial Tigers tonight.  It's homecoming at my alma mater and I'd love to see them pull of a HUGE upset and beat Castle on the football field!  I like Castle just fine, but I've gotta root for my MHS brethren:)  And, looking forward to seeing who wins the Battle of the Bowl.  Should be a good game with a fantastic atmosphere!

Have a great weekend.  See you back here Monday morning!

Until next time,