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Ivy Tech looking to expand despite lower enrollment numbers

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Ivy Tech is reporting lower enrollment, but that's not stopping the school's expansion plans to build another campus. The estimated price tag? $25 million.

School administrators say they are land locked on First Avenue. They're making improvements, like putting in another parking lot, but administrators think a larger building is what's truly needed to keep enrollment numbers up.

5,200 students are taking classes at Ivy Tech this Fall. Students say the college just passes the test.

"It's local, easy to get to, it's a lot cheaper than the rest of them, that's the main deal right there," said student Billy Goodwin.

"Low tuition, good school, people are really friendly," noted student James Fraize.

But regardless of these A+ scores, 230 fewer students are attending Ivy Tech this semester.

School administrators think the drop is due to the improving economy. This comes after 16 years of consecutive growth.

"If you look at that in the overall prospective, it's really a small dip over the long term period of growth at the campus," said Chancellor Dan Schenk.

Schenk says a few staff members were moved around this Fall due to lower enrollment numbers, but administrators don't think the decline will continue.

The school is looking to expand to serve more students with more programs.

"We're in the request for a 85,000 square foot, $25 million project," said Schenk.

Ivy Tech is seeking legislative approval and funding for a new campus building. Administrators say a location is not yet decided, but it will likely be north-east of the Evansville location.

Students say they'd like to see the school grow.

"They need to expand anywhere they can," Simpson noted.

"I think it would be great, the bigger the better," said Fraize.

It is unclear when the state will approve such an expansion.

Administrators say if expansion takes place, they will still keep their building here on First Avenue.

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