H20 problems

I feel bad for water customers in Lynnville.  I'll just put that out there.  One of my stories today was about a boil advisory that's been in effect in Lynnville for WEEKS!  It's actually closing in on two months now that they've been advised to boil water they use to cook with or drink!  That is one long advisory!

The town and IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) are working on the problem.  It's an issue of the chlorine levels in the water.  I guess Lynnville gets its water from Patoka, and it then has to travel quite a way before it gets to them.  During that process the chlorine seems to be lowering and that's an issue.  I certainly hope they're able to figure it out soon—that's a lot of boiling/bottled water to deal with!  Some people there told me they aren't really worried about it and are drinking the water anyway, but the local schools aren't taking any chances.


Lynnville Elementary has blocked off its water fountains and now has bottled water set up in the hallways.  The principal at Tecumseh High School told me they are doing the same thing with bottled water at school and are having to bring in bottles for football practice.  The cafeteria staff has to work around the advisory as well.  The good news is the principal at the elementary school told me by now it's not much of an issue for them.  The kids seem to be used to it, so that's good.  Hopefully before too long we have an update that the advisory is over! :)

Today was pretty jam-packed.  Before I headed to Lynnville, I stopped by the CAPE office (Community Action Program of Evansville) to find out about a home they have on the market.  The City donated a home at the corner of Governor and Adams to CAPE.  CAPE rehabbed it and fixed it all up (with a contractor, of course).  They tell me the home was built in the late 1800s and needed a LOT of work.  They turned the attic into a usable living space, and now the home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  There's also a garage and unfinished basement.  The house looks great, and I hope a nice family makes it home.  It's on the market for $99,500 and those interested must be income eligible.  CAPE is holding an open house and ribbon-cutting a week from Saturday on Oct. 20th!


I will say, getting video of the inside of the house wasn't too bad, but it is a little tricky.  I tried to channel my inner HGTV skills as I was going.  It's tough because our cameras don't really allow for us to take them off the tripod.  I mean, you can, of course, they aren't stuck to them or anything.  But without the tripod it's very hard to keep a steady shot with the little cameras we use.  They are great because they're light weight and easy to carry—but in tight spaces if you don't use the tripod my video, at least, looks like home video.  Not pretty and not ok for tv!  It worked out though, and I got to see the whole house.  Looks great!  Good work!!!

Final note for the day.  If you watch Sunrise, you probably noticed the lovely Araceli Thiele filling in for Beth Sweeney the past few days.  Beth is on vacation and will be back Monday.  But tomorrow and Friday, you're stuck with me.  I'm looking forward to joining Dan and Byron for a few days.  I don't usually get to see them very much, so it's nice to switch gears and hang out with the morning crew now and then.

If you're up between 5-7am—flip on 14 and look for me.  I'll be sure to wave:)

Until next time,