Find out where to vote with election app

If you want to find out where to vote and how long the lines are on Election Day, there's an app for that in Vanderburgh County.

Whether it is on your phone or tablet computer, County Clerk Susan Kirk says the Vanderburgh County Elections app is the first of its kind in the world that not only lists polling places but tells you which of them has the shortest wait time.

The county launched the app last year. You can download it on your iPhone, your iPad, or your Droid phone. You can also check it out on your computer.
Kirk says on Election Day, clerks will be updating the wait times about every ten minutes or so, making it easier for voters to cast their ballots.

"It's amazing how many people still don't realize that there is this app that you can download to your phone. You just get into your, whatever application store, whatever that is on your phone and just type in Vanderburgh County Elections and it kind of comes up and you download it," Kirk said.

The app is free and only takes a few seconds to download. Right now, the app shows early voting centers, but it will switch to the full display on Election Day.
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