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Emergency alerts more accurate with Code Red

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In Webster County, you can now get faster, more accurate weather alerts, thanks to Code Red, a new program EMA officials are introducing this week.

The county is testing out this new program all week, and they say it's also much more than weather alerts and something every resident should sign up for. 

Linda Tapp says when she's in her office, sometimes she worries about a serious storm rolling through.

"We do not hear the storm siren inside this building, so I feel like we just really need to be warned of bad weather coming through," Tapp said.

On Tuesday, Tapp signed their office up for Code Red alerts, a program that delivers residents important information in case of an emergency on home and cell phones, ands it also sends text messages and email alerts.
"We have two phone numbers I was able to list, plus the email, so all of those wonderful ways to get in touch and let us know what's happening," Tapp said.

EMA Director Jeremy Moore says it also sends out information other than weather alerts.

"For boil water advisories, any type of emergency, and also if we have any shelters open or feeding locations, we'll send that out," Moore said.

Moore says Code Red is much more advanced than their previous program because notifications can be more specific.

"If it's in the western division of our county and it's not affecting the eastern division, we can just target the western division. That way if you get the call, you know it is affecting you," Moore said.

Moore says storm sirens will still sound during severe weather, but Tapp says this is another way for residents who may not live near those towers to be assured of getting an alert. 

"When a telephone rings in the middle of the night, you're going to wake up because that's just something that you hear," Tapp said.

To sign up you can either call the EMA Office at 270-639-7003  or visit their website.

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