One of those days...

Well, this is now my third time starting this same blog.  Hopefully after a few lines I won't be deleting it like the others!  I guess I'm having a little bit of writer's block today.  It can't be good when you have writer's block and all you're doing is summing up your day, can it?  Doesn't say a whole lot about my creativity, does it?!  Ha!

Maybe it's because today was a bit frustrating.  I'd rather tell some funny story, but really, it wasn't a very fun day!  It was one of those days when you make the right calls to the right people, but things just don't go the way you're hoping.  Either they don't answer or aren't available, etc.  (Honestly, I am sometimes surprised this doesn't happen more often in TV news.  I've mentioned before we typically don't know what we are covering until our morning meeting.  That, in turn, means the people we are hoping to interview also often have no idea what is coming.  So when I really think about it, the fact that we end up with so many stories every single day sometimes seems a little crazy!)

In the end, everything worked out fine.  Not exactly as we had planned it, but that's ok.  But, wow!  I had a morning of sitting and waiting for calls to be returned… and an afternoon full of lots of talking on the phone.

Just about all of those calls had to do with one story—a vote at last night's City Council meeting to *NOT* transfer the money raised through the Roberts Stadium auction (about $187,000) into another fund to potentially be used for demolition.  I highly doubt anyone reading this blog is doing so to learn the ins and outs of that vote, so I'll skip all that.  Just rest assured, you'll probably be hearing about/reading dozens more Roberts Stadium stories before it's all said and done.  Some City Council members want to see it go up for sale, even though the Parks Board already made the decision to tear it down over the summer.  And so, the saga continues.  If there was a movie made about Roberts, I feel like we'd be on about the third sequel by now… :)

Hopefully tomorrow brings a few entertaining anecdotes.  For now, I'm off to (hopefully) get in a little walk before dark to enjoy the changing leaves.  Then, it's leftovers for dinner.  It's going to be leftovers, I'm afraid, for a while.  I now not only have a ton of chili, but also some pretty bad lasagna I made last night.  That's what I get for going to the store unprepared and following a recipe from the back of a box of noodles. :)

Have a good night!