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Who is on your ballot?

We all are familiar with who is in the race for the White House, but you might not be sure what the rest of the ballot will look like in your area for other races.

There is a website that is a good way to see ahead of time, the many other state and local candidates in the November election.

It's called "Who's on your ballot?" To get to the screen, all you have to enter is your county, your legal name and date of birth.

You will be able to see all of the candidates from presidential & vice presidential candidates, down to school board members.

Plus, there are some supreme court justice questions.  

This will help you do some research on your candidates or you can even print the list.  

The Indiana Election Division and Vanderburgh County Election Board maintains the information and it's updated daily.

Click here to head to that website for Indiana.

For more information on voting in Kentucky, click here.

Those is voting in Illinois can find more information here.

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