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Police say accusations about failing to check welfare of woman are not true

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A weekend fire in Evansville sent a woman to the hospital and killed her two pets. Police tell 14 News on Monday that the accusations that they failed to check on the woman before the fire, are not true. 

The home that caught fire late Saturday is 904 North Fourth Avenue and belongs to Kathy Williams.

On Sunday, neighbors claimed that police failed to check on Williams' welfare after a neighbor called and asked for it. But today, police say they did attempt to help Williams and they have the documents to prove it.

Neighbor and friend of Kathy Williams, Curtis Broshears, claimed police did not respond to his request to check Williams' welfare.

"I called dispatch at about 6:00 p.m., I'd say 6:13, to see if they could do a welfare check on her. Dispatch called back about 15 to 30 minutes later and said they couldn't send nobody over there because all their officers were out there at the Fall Festival," Broshears said.

Broshears also said he believed a welfare check on Williams might have prevented the fire that claimed much of her home, later that night. On Monday, Evansville Police responded saying they did, in fact, check on Williams following the call, but Williams did not respond.

"Despite this individual's claim that we didn't do our job, it's noted on the run cards that he called at 6:13 p.m. and gave a statement that she was drunk in her own home," said Jason Cullum with EPD. 

"She's over there drunk off three nitros and been throwing stuff and breaking in her house and everything," said Broshears in the 911 call.

"A call was dispatched to the address at 6:41 p.m. So, it's only been 20-25 minutes," Cullum said.

"Clear 20282 at 904 Fourth Avenue, check the welfare of Kathy Williams. Responding officer, clear," the dispatcher said in the 911 call.

"That officer got there and the lady was intoxicated, and she did in fact go to bed for the evening," Cullum said.

Cullum says they were delayed due to a large call volume. Cullum also says, since the report was not of a medical emergency or crime, police could not legally enter Williams' home. He says police saw nothing that indicated the house would catch on fire, hours later.

"This individual received a courtesy call to let him know we were running behind the 20 minute deadline, but that we were still coming. We were there a few minutes later. We did check her welfare. We can't control what happens at somebody's house four or five house after we're there," Cullum said.

Deaconess Hospital has confirmed to us that Williams is still there and is in fair condition. We have not been able to learn the cause of the fire since fire department officials are off for the holiday. Once we learn further details, we will update this story.

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