Mexican fiesta time!

Well, here we are again.  Monday already?!?  Why is it that weekends always seem to rush by sooo quickly?!  Probably because they are full of so many amazing things (you know, like sleeping in and watching football:) ).  For me, this weekend was a good mix of fun, cleaning, cooking and relaxing.  The cooking and cleaning parts are of particular note because I don't do much of either very often.  Ha! But now, I have a (mostly) clean apartment and enough chili to last me until next spring!

Speaking of food, Saturday I made one last trek to the Fall Festival.  My list of foods eaten this year grew quite a bit in those 90 minutes.  I sampled some deep fried mac 'n cheese, a pork parfait (mashed potatoes topped with Hawg 'N Sauce pulled pork… amazing), smoky bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers,  fried green beans, hot apple cider AND peach cobbler.  Woah!!  I also had a bite of the green tomato cobbler that was new this year.  It wasn't for me.  Even with all the sweetness, it still tasted tomato-y (which, I'm sure it's supposed to) and that just wasn't what I wanted for dessert.

My brother and boyfriend were pretty excited about the Donut Bank burgers (apparently all week last week I had the wrong idea calling them sausage sandwiches... whoops!)  They suggested Donut Bank start selling them on a regular basis.  Somehow I don't think that's going to happen for them!


The sad part is, all THAT food I just mentioned came after another huge meal Friday night.  Araceli Thiele hosted a Mexican fiesta at her house—complete with full-on decorations and a feast that was muy delicioso.  The party was out in her screened-in porch, so the weather wasn't ideal (cold and rainy), but that didn't stop a good time!

She even had festive music playing and a Mexican movie on the tv.  It was quite the atmosphere!  I'm only disappointed I left before the piñata came out!  We did take some fun photos, though--- I like the group shot with our little Mexican hats!


Now that I've filled you in on all the calories I need to burn off, time to talk about work a little bit.  Never like to jinx myself before we get to news time, but today (so far) has been pretty quiet.  And, trust me, I will take it; it's always nice to ease back into things on a Monday.  This morning I started off by interviewing Democratic Senate candidate Joe Donnelly in downtown Evansville.  He was here meeting with the folks from The Kunkel Group, talking about jobs.  The last time I saw Mr. Donnelly, he was in town grabbing lunch at Turoni's on Main.  I told him this time he should grab some donut balls from Donut Bank before he left.  Are you seeing a theme here??  Somehow food enters every paragraph I write today!!

My other stop this morning was at Evansville's Habitat for Humanity office.  Habitat is in the process of trying to collect donations for families in Henryville who lost their homes in the tornado this past March.  It's called the Welcome Home Project.  Volunteers (not from Evansville) are in Henryville this week building new homes, and this is something people locally can do to help without having to travel there.  You can find out more by going to  They've also got a second project getting started—called "The Red Bookcase".  The idea is to give every child who moves into a Habitat home their own homemade bookcase, complete with some books.  I think this is a great idea!  That same link will provide more information if you are handy and want to help!

I'm writing this entry this afternoon (instead of at the end of the day), so now it's time for me to get going writing and editing my stories.  Here's to hoping things stay quiet for the next 3-4 hours. :)

Hope everyone has a good Columbus Day!

Until next time,