$4,000 & my Fall Festival food tally!

More than $4,000!! That's how much money organizations with booths at the Fall Festival donated to the Harwood Booster Club today!  Amazing!  A fire at the HBC booth Monday night caused them to have to close up shop for the rest of the week (meaning they lost out on a LOT of money).  A big THANK YOU to all of those booths that stepped in and offered some hard-earned money to Booth 99.  They run baseball and softball teams for kids and this money, I'm sure, will be put to good use.  Another example of GOOD things going on in the Tri-State.  Hats off!!

On another mostly unrelated note, another thank you goes to the nice man in Boonville who agreed to do an interview today about the recent car break-ins that had happened in his neighborhood.  I was striking out and almost out of time when he graciously offered to answer my questions.  Thank you, Jerry!  You really helped me out and did a great job.  :)

Sometimes, we reporters cover things where people are already lined up to do the interviews and are happy to speak about the subject.  Sometimes, like today, you have to go door-to-door trying to find someone.  Sure, it is great when people agree to do the interview, but really, all I ask is that you are nice to me!  Luckily, today everyone was very nice and helpful, albeit camera shy.  But, in the end, it all worked out.  Hooray.

Well, I'm about to head out for the weekend!  But first, I leave you with my Fall Festival food tally.  With one day remaining my list of foods consumed this week include:

*Loaded BBQ Chicken Baked Potato

*Chicken 'n Dumplings

*Apple Cider

*Deep-fried Kool-aid

*Bacon wrapped deep-fried jalapeno sausage

*Donut Bank sausage sandwich

Tomorrow, I'm aiming for a pork parfait (with bbq from one of my favorite places—Hawg 'n Sauce in Mt. Vernon) and bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers.  I looked for those everywhere last night and couldn't find them, but my brother had them today so I know they exist!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Let's hope for one more day of sunshine tomorrow for the Fall Fest and cool, dry weather Sunday for the half marathon.  I'm hoping to get out along the route at some point!

Happy eating! :)

Until next time,