The return of the "Mystery Box"

After that rush home last night, Law & Order wasn't even on!  I forgot about this little thing called the Presidential debate.  So, I watched that instead.  The poor moderator had a bit of a hard time reigning 'em in, didn't he?  Especially Governor Romney, he had points to make and dang it, he was going to make them!  I guess you've got to fight for every minute of mic time you can get.  I'm just surprised they didn't take breaks to chug some water or something!  That was a lot of talking and standing to not hydrate.  :)

Today wasn't very exciting on the job front, so I don't have a whole heck of a lot to share.  I spent part of the morning at the Election Office in the Civic Center while they did a public test of some of the voting machines.  It was fairly uneventful, but I did get in trouble when I crossed a yellow line on the ground I didn't realize I had to stay behind!  Whoops!  Glad it was just practice!

I diverted for a little while around lunchtime to St. Mary's for their announcement about the injections connected to the meningitis outbreak.  As it turned out, Laura McNutt was already doing a story about meningitis, so she headed there as well.  We did a little swap out of camera gear right before the announcement was made, which I think probably confused some people there, but what can you do?  Two people at one press conference is just not an equation that works for us!  Too many other things to coverJ

The next stop was the 700 block of Reis Avenue, near Stringtown Road.  (That's the road my grandmother actually grew up on.  I'll have to find out which block!) Early this morning, a vacant home there went up in flames.  It's the fifth fire in that area in the last few months, and neighbors are ready for it to stop.  This fire is still under investigation, but EPD tells me the others have been ruled arson.

And let me give those neighbors some credit.  They seem to really know each other and look out for each other.  Someone across the street went and woke up the older man living next door to the house that caught fire.  Those houses and lawns over there are well taken care of.  In fact, there was another older gentleman out weed eating.  Neighbors told me later he is in his 90s!!  Wow!!  I sure hope I'm that spry at that age.  Although, I kind of hope I never have to use a weed eater.  J

Anyway, for the sake of the neighbors over there and their peace of mind, I hope they don't hear any fire truck sirens for a LONG time!!

Last topic I have to bring up—the return of the "Mystery Box".  I had no idea what this was, but apparently it's a Jeff Lyons Fall Festival classic.  He has this yellow box in which he puts different foods from the booths.  Then he asks random people as they walk by to try the food without knowing what it is.  Makes for some pretty good tv!  Lots of fun.  I would absolutely do it if he asked me.  Glad it's made it's return, Jeff!

Ok, well I think I'm going to try this heading to the Fall Festival for dinner thing again.  Considering walking from the station because I don't think I'm going to find anything closer!!

Have a great night.  I'll report back tomorrow on what nummy things I consumed.

Until next time,