"Shave it off! Shave it off!"

"Shave it off! Shave it off!"

Finally- sun at the Fall Festival!  Yay!  Good work, Chad!  I got to sneak down there to grab lunch to go today, and as soon as this is posted I'm heading back to pick up dinner.  Got to take advantage of the options, especially when they're just a few blocks away from the station!  Lunch was a loaded BBQ baked potato and apple cider.  Not sure yet what will win for dinner.  I do know I will be bringing home some kind of sweet yumminess.

Today was tale of two very different kinds of stories.  One, serious and crime-related, the other, so much fun.

I'll start with the fun first.  Every year at the Fall Festival, there's the annual Tug of War competition.  I grew up on the East side, so I was never involved in this, but apparently Helfrich Park has been the dominant force for longer than the kids involved today have been alive.  They had a 16-year-winning streak on the line—and lost in the semi-finals to St. Philip.  Then in the finals, St. Joe took it home.

School officials tell me they believe it was their first win since the early '80s!  So, congrats!!  Not only do they have a nice trophy to show for it, they also now have a bald-headed 8th grade homeroom teacher.  Josh Wilson told the kids he'd shave his head if they won—so today, he lost his hair.  Now, unfortunately for our tv purposes, it wasn't all that long to begin with.  But the entire school still had a fun time coming outside to watch it go away.


While it was happening, we had chants to "Wax it off!" and a request to shave his eyebrows off as well.  I'm happy to report, neither of those things happened.  Before it all started, Mr. Wilson took a second to try and teach the kids a lesson from this—that if you have a goal and believe in it—you can achieve it.  Congrats to St. Joe—and Mr. Wilson, it'll grow back in no time!

Now, to the slightly less heartwarming part of my day.  I also covered the graffiti vandalism that happened at a few places in Evansville last night.  The Evansville Police Department's West Sector Office was one of the places hit.  Pretty bold move, if you ask me.


Well, it was more than just graffiti.  According to police, someone apparently saw the people involved and confronted them—only to have several shots fired into the air.  Pretty scary.  I made several trips to the neighborhood where this happened today to try and find the woman who confronted the vandals, but didn't find her.  Had to do some door-knocking (my favorite… roll of eyes!) to try and find someone who saw what happened or had something to say about it, but didn't really have any luck.

I ended up talking to a clerk at Apollo Liquor.  She was working last night when their building was marked with graffiti.  And let me tell you, it was probably better for those involved that she did NOT catch them.  She told me she had a gun and wasn't afraid to use it!  Yikes!

Anyway, police are now trying to figure out which—if any—gang the graffiti is affiliated with.  We're hearing the City of Evansville, EPD and Keep Evansville Beautiful will be announcing some kind of anti-graffiti effort that's been in the works for a little while.  I'll keep you posted.

Well, the later it gets here, the more my dreams of Fall Festival fare for dinner are diminishing.  Law & Order SUV starts pretty soon and I don't want to miss it.  I know, pretty dorky, right?  It's the little things in life:)

Have a great evening.

Until next time,