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Former East Texas constable pleads guilty

Rust turning himself in (April 2012) Rust turning himself in (April 2012)

A former East Texas constable has pleaded guilty to running a security operation without a license and theft by a public servant. Both charges are Class A Misdemeanors.

Dustin Rust, who resigned as Smith County Precinct Three Constable in August, was accused of using county resources to operate the security company.

According to the plea deal, Rust will serve two years probation for running the security operation and two years deferred adjudication probation for the theft charge. Restitution has already been paid in full, meaning Rust will not pay a fine.

Rust also admitted guilt to a charge of abuse of official capacity, a state felony that was dropped by the court because he admitted his guilt.

"Today he's acknowledged his guilt, he's plead guilty, restitution of $7,698 has been paid back to the taxpayers of Smith County, and we're not going to spend another penny on Dustin Rust. This matter is concluded with us," said Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham.

Rust has been under investigation since four deputies were accused of using county gasoline while working on a private security patrol in Tyler.

Rust turned himself in to the Smith County Jail back in April, just hours after warrants were issued for his arrest. He bonded out just over an hour later. Rust was accompanied by several other people, including his father, Donn Rust.

Rust waived his right to appeal. If he violates probation, the State can file a motion to revoke probation and he can be sentenced to a year in the Smith County Jail.

Rust also lost his TECLOSE license for up to ten years. Without the license, he cannot be a peace officer.

Some terms of his probation include:

- Rust cannot possess or have control of any firearm

- Rust cannot possess or consume alcohol

- Rust must complete 200 hours of community service

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