Lane receives special honor from Washington, D.C.

McLean County teenager Lane Goodwin continues his battle with cancer, but his family says he doesn't want all the attention on him.

He's concerned about the millions of other children fighting for their lives right along with him.

Throughout his journey, Lane's family says that he's only had one goal, and that's to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

To celebrate Lane's mission, his family was given a flag today by Congressman Ed Whitfield. That flag was flown in Lane's honor over the capitol in Washington D.C. on Monday.

His dad says Lane's only had one word when he learns that he's made someone else more aware when it comes to childhood cancer.

George Goodwin, Lane's father said, "That's Lane's favorite phrase right now is the word 'awesome.' You know? 'Cause I'll say something to him 'Hey, you know, these people didn't know anything about this and now they do, and he'll be like 'Oh, awesome!'.

Lane's family can't believe how many people he's affected in such a short amount of time.

"The thumbs up has meant so much to our family and to Lane to get childhood awareness out there," said Claudia Wayne, Lane's great-aunt.  "It seems like it's just global and people are becoming aware."

The Goodwin family feel that they still become more aware every day.

"I was a parent once before cancer, and I wasn't aware hardly at all. I didn't know anybody that had a child that had cancer at that time," said George Goodwin.

Now Lane's focus has become their focus.

"Raising, you know, the awareness is something that's important to him, and it makes it important to us," said George.

"He wants the next child to survive. He wants a cure," said Claudia Wayne.

Lane's family members say that they continue to be overwhelmed by all the love and support that they've received from the community.

A candlelight vigil will be held for Lane Wednesday night in Owensboro.

It's scheduled to take place at 7 in Smothers Park at the north end of Frederica Street.

Coordinators say the event is not a fundraiser, but donations toward Lane's medical expenses will be accepted at Independence Bank.

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