Helping Booth 99

Another rainy day at the Fall Festival.  What the heck!?  Jeff Lyons, Chad Sewich and Byron Douglas—we need sunshine!!  Where are you guys?! :)

The good thing about the rain, from an attendee's perspective, is that there's plenty of elbow room as you walk around.  That's obviously bad news for the non-profits trying to raise funds from their fried yummies to help their programs.  It is supposed to get nicer as the week goes on, I'm told, so here's to hoping it's a great Friday/Saturday with HUGE crowds!

I mentioned the fundraiser aspect of the Fall Festival.  I think all of us from around here know how important this week is to those groups that man a booth.  And now we are seeing how those organizations come together to help each other out.  Last night, Booth 99, the Harwood Booster Club, was damaged in a fire.  No one was hurt, but it's wiped them out for the entire week.  A former president with the club told me that in a good year with good weather, they could raise up to $22,000.  Wow!!!  That money goes toward supporting youth baseball and softball.  They've been seeing a decline in numbers and really could use that money—or volunteers.

So to help out, some booths down at the Festival that are trying to raise money for the group.  Restore Outreach has a donation box up and is going to donate some proceeds from sales tomorrow.  Salem United Church of Christ is planning to make a donation and is distributing a letter to all booths encouraging them to do the same for Harwood Booster Club, if they can.  The booths plan to present their money to the Nut Club later this week.  I hope they get a great response—it's a neat show of support for a fellow Fall Festival family member.

Harwood Booster Club has been around since the early 1950s—and has been at the Fall Festival, I'm told, for decades.  Perhaps 45-plus years.   I wish them nothing but the best.  They tell me that they don't turn kids away who can't pay the registration fee—because they want them to be able to play.  But, everything costs.  They have to keep up the fields, get uniforms, etc.  If you can help, I know they'd be very grateful!   If you'd like to donate—their P.O. Box is 9133, Evansville, IN, 47724.

Ok, I've got a double-dinner date to get to with two fine gents-- none other than Mr. Brian Boesen and Mr. Nick LaGrange.

Have a great day!


P.S.  My apologies for my stuffy voice on air this week.  Trying to kick a cold!