Marching to victory... 55 years later

Here we go again!  Hope everyone had a pleasant enough return to work today.  I'm a bit under the weather, so I spent a decent amount of time coughing and such.  It's been going around the newsroom, so go figure.  The only thing is, I already had it a few weeks ago—somehow it's come full circle again!!

Last Friday, I wrote about a story I was working on involving the Reitz High School Marching Band.  Specifically, the special presentation that happened at the Reitz/North football game Friday to honor several members of the band from the class of 1957!

Way back then, the band members never received their school letters.  Kind of a bummer, right??  So finally, 55 years later, they have their "R's"!  Not only did the EVSC Superintendent and Reitz Instrumental Music Director help hand them out at halftime, some of them even had grandchildren in the band who accompanied them!

And, to add even more icing to the cake, before the game those 1957 band members even took to the field to play the school song one more time.  In all, I believe 7 members were there.  One no longer had an instrument, so she just joined the group.  Another had her baton and was a twirlin' away!  It was great!!!

This story took quite a bit of time to put together, but it was sooo worth it to me.  These are memories for people that they will always have.  I really appreciate being able to be a part of that!  So, thank you all!

While I'm on the topic of band, I am always pretty impressed at how these high schoolers manage to play an instrument and walk/move around at the same time during the halftime show.  I can't really do either one ALONE to a beat, so they're two steps ahead of me.  The musical inclination in my family stopped with my mom.  She and my grandmother are both in the choir at church.  I… well, I sing along to the radio now and then.  And in the car I sound pretty good.  It's when other people get in the car with me that it doesn't go as well.  Ha!

Alright, time to head home and continue to medicate.  Have a great evening!

Until next time,