Bye, bye, Baby Dave!

Whooh!  I only have 20 minutes before our web guru Jeff leaves for the night, so I better type fast to make sure this gets on the website.  I can't break my streak of not posting!!!

I'm writing so late tonight because I worked a different shift today.  I just got back from the Reitz/North football game at the Bowl.  I mentioned yesterday I was going to be covering a pretty cool story.  Well, cool it was, indeed.  8 members of the 1957 Reitz marching band took the field tonight to play the school song one more time.  For three of them, it was a chance to play alongside their GRANDCHILDREN!!  How awesome is that???  55 years ago, the class of '57 never got their band letters.  Sooo… tonight was essentially more than half a century in the making.  Everyone had a good time, including the high schoolers.  I was actually very impressed by the kids.  They all seemed genuinely happy and appreciative to have shared a few moments together on the field.  I'm sure it will result in a lot of framed pictures!  Reitz, by the way, won the game!

Ok, I also have to tell you about my afternoon down at the Fall Festival.  It doesn't start until Sunday (family day), but I got a chance to test out a brand new ride this year, Vertigo.  We actually showed me riding it live on our 6pm news.  Luckily, I had a great riding buddy, Austin.  He was 9 years old and did a fantastic job on the news!!  Doesn't surprise me because he told me this would be his fourth time on tv!  What a star!  The ride itself was fun.  It goes up pretty high, but doesn't go all that fast.  It did make me a little dizzy, but not too bad.  I would recommend giving it a tryJ

I'm also trying to convince my boss to let me and our 4pm anchor, Brian Boesen, go head-to-head in a Fall Festival eating competition.  I want to see which one of us can try the most foods in one day.  I haven't gotten the ok yet, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up.  Boesen may be a guy, but I'm a Fall Festival veteran.  He's never been.  So I think I have an edge.  If it happens, I'll be sure to let you know!

Finally, today we all said farewell to our Owensboro reporter, Dave Kirk.  Today was his last day—he's heading to Owensboro Public Schools Monday.  We will miss him, especially his hysterical stories and impersonations.  Good Luck, Baby Dave!!

Ok, Jeff is about to head out the door so I better pass this along to him.  Have a great weekend!

Until next time,