Burning the Stars & Stripes

Well, here we are.  One day closer to the weekend!  And that means we are one day closer to the Fall Festival!  The station is just around the corner from the Fall Fest, so I took a couple of pictures as folks were setting up.  I would have inserted them ________ here, but they aren't showing up in my email.  Ah, well.  We all know what it looks like!  I'm looking forward to being so close this year—thinking about leaving my car at the station and just walking down for dinner once or twice! :)

Speaking of food… here's my report on the hyped up Maggiano's lasagna I mentioned yesterday.  I was wondering how it would be compared to my mom's lasagna.  Turns out, that's the name of it.  Mom's Lasagna.  It was very good, I will say, but nothing that completely knocked my socks off.  Mom, if you are reading this… yours is always delicious.  Want to make some for me soon?? :)

On the news front, today was the first day I ventured past Newburgh in a while, it seems.  I made a trip out to the Warrick County Sheriff's Office in Boonville to interview Sheriff Kruse about some American flags that were recently burned in a Newburgh neighborhood/subdivision.  Six houses had flags burned.  The sheriff thinks juveniles probably are to blame, but doesn't know for sure.  Whoever did it, that's pretty low in my opinion.  And what's worse—at least one of the flags was hanging right there just a few feet from the house!  Things could have become even more dangerous.  Luckily, they didn't.

I must say, the people in Newburgh I talked to today were very nice.  It doesn't always turn out that way on every story, so I will TAKE IT!

I was also back at the Evansville CVB this morning once again.  We were joking this morning that I should have a closet or something there to store my gear!  The CVB presented its next-door neighbor, the Evansville Museum, with a check for $750,000 toward their Capital Campaign to fund renovations and an expansion.  When I moved back to Evansville last year, I hadn't been in the museum for a lonnng time (since I was a little kid).  Now I'm happy for them to be finishing some of these renovations and get going on a new wing.  Hopefully more people will stop by to visit!  I need to add it to my list.  My one regret about the check presentation today… I left without snagging a pretty good looking cookie they had there.  Probably because I'd already scarfed down a Chai Tea and several pumpkin spice donut balls from Donut Bank before I got thereJ  Whoops!

Hope everyone had a good day!  Working a later shift tomorrow so I can cover a very cool story tomorrow night.  It will air next Monday so I hope you watch!  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!

Until next time,