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My home away from home, Cap'N Crunch & budget hearings

Ok, take 2!  I had a few paragraphs written and then… darkness!  We lost power here at the station for a few seconds, thus shutting off my computer and my unsaved entry.  Oh well.  Here we go again.

This, of course, has nothing to do with news, but for all of those anxiously waiting to find out: yes!  I did retain the motivation through my drive across town to cook dinner last night!  This was a major coup for me.  "Homemade" BBQ chicken pizza was the winner.  And by homemade, I mean I bought premade Pillsbury dough and put it on a cookie sheet.  Here's what I'll say about it.  The flavors were good, but I definitely oversauced.  And using the entire package of bbq chicken was probably a little much.  Now I know for next time!

I wish I had a picture—I'll try and get one on here soon—but while I was at Walmart checking out with my dinner supplies last night, I ran into a very nice gent who works at the Civic Center (which is often my home away from home during the week).  He's a big, buff kind of guy which made his purchases of Cap'N Crunch Crunchberries cereal and turkey bacon somewhat humorous to me.  I ran into him again today and reported on my pizza.  He suggested that maybe I'd have been better off with the Cap'N Crunch:)

Ok—on to the exciting NEWS of the day!!  I started things a little earlier than usual so I could make it to the Evansville CVB's monthly board meeting.  They usually bring up at least one thing (and usually more!) of interest.  Today, we got an update from board members who traveled through Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi to check out five baseball/softball complexes.  (I think I wrote last week about the sports complex the CVB is considering building here.)  The board members came back pretty excited about what they'd seen and it SOUNDS like most (if not all) would like to see a complex here.  The location, financing, plans (basically everything!) is still up in the air.  Nothing's been officially decided on—so I'll keep ya posted!

From there, I headed over to (where else)… the Civic Center!  Today the Vanderburgh County Council finalized its 2013 budget, and the hearing wasn't without a little drama.  The main point of contention was the county's funding of the Human Relations Commission (HRC).  It took me a long time to really understand how all of this funding stuff works today, and to be honest, I don't think I have the energy to write it all out.  (Also, probably no one really wants to read about it!)  But the bottom line is the county is reducing the money it provides the HRC.  Several people spoke out against the HRC during the hearing—and then a couple people got into it a little bit (verbally—no punches or anything!) outside in the hallway.  And, the whole thing isn't really over yet.  The City is the main funding source for the HRC—and that budget won't be finalized until next month.  So, we'll see what happens!

Putting that story together back at the station took a while.  It's always a challenge to explain things with many layers in just a minute or two on the news.  These are situations where I envy the newspaper reporters.  Not only can they often get more space to explain—they have the advantage of the written word.  Meaning the reader can really go over it multiple times to digest the information.  On tv, you have only one shot—so good luck!  Anyway, I tried.  :)

One last note, I think people sometimes wonder what happens behind the scenes while the show is on.  You just never know.  Today, during the 4, the lovely and talented Jackie Monroe was attacked by a throat tickle and had a little bit of a coughing episode.  Seamlessly, she made some kind of code motion to Brian Boesen and he picked up for her perfectly.  An example of a good team, if you ask me!  I'm betting those at home didn't even notice (unless they heard the hacking in the background). :)

Alright, time to sign off and venture out into the rain.  I've got lasagna waiting for me from an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's my boyfriend RAVES about (it's not a local place, unfortunately).  We'll see how it compares to mom's recipe.  I'll be sure to report back tomorrow.

Until next time,


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