Lane talks about the support he's seen nationwide

All the encouragement shown for Lane Goodwin may be working.

On Tuesday night, we learned the McLean County teenager battling cancer had one of his best days since coming home from the hospital.
Lane enjoyed fried chicken for dinner and talked with 14 News about all of the support he's seeing on Facebook.
His room is just like any other 13-year old boys. Full of toys and of course video games, but there's something different about Lane and the rest of America is starting to see it.

What started off as a way to keep friends and family updated on Lane's condition has grown into something special.

"His page throughout the treatment has been a lifeline for us. If we were getting up in the middle of the night, we were checking to see the prayers for Lane Goodwin page because we were afraid, scared, and wanted to know," family friend Robin Phelps said.

"It just went viral," said Lane's mom, Angie Goodwin.

Thousands have liked Lane's page, and Lane's opinion about the page, "It's just crazy!"

Lane's brother, Landen Goodwin said, "It makes me feel good."

Thousands have done what Lane wants them to do, giving him a thumbs up.

"He said, 'Mom this is what we prayed for.'  I was like, 'What what do you mean?'  He's like, "Just what we prayed for.  For awareness for childhood cancer and for the cure.'  He said this is going to bring the cure."

"It's also a great sign of human kindness," said Lane's dad, George Goodwin.

The page has grown so much that friends and family help Angie keep it going.

"We can't do much, but we kinda want to wrap our arms around her from a distance and thought, 'Okay we can do this,'" Phelps said.

"I'm right here with him 24/7. Several of my sorority sisters are monitoring social networking sites across the nation," Angie said.

Lane says he never expected so many people to show support.

"Not even near it. Is a million out for reach? Think it's possible? I think even more than that," Lane said.

So many from all over the United States have posted messages on the wall and shared  "Thumbs Up" pictures.

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