Inside a bank vault... and cocktail weenies

Wow!  Usually we reporters at 14 cover two stories a day, but every now and then you get a day when you do a little coverage of a lot of things.  Today was one of those days.

Things started off with the auction of the Sycamore Building in downtown Evansville.  It ended up going for $900,000, to a mystery bidder.  The auction company wouldn't reveal their name, just told us they weren't from Evansville.  But, they apparently have local interests.  I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

Auctions are funny business, aren't they?    I've only been to a few, but they definitely have a "novelty" aspect to them if you aren't used to them.  I don't know how the auctioneers are able to talk so fast.  I'm sure they have to practice.  Now that would be an interesting story…


Moving right along!  After the auction, I was expecting to just head to my next story, but then I got an offer I couldn't refuse!  The auction took place in the old Integra (National City) building at 3rd and Main.  Woodward Realty represents a client that owns the building, and one of their brokers offered to take me downstairs to see the old vault.  It's apparently 100 years old!  How could I not go?  It is definitely something to look at—beautiful!  Wish I had something valuable enough to be locked in a vault like that!  I had to get a picture of myself inside.  Unfortunately, the picture makes me look like I'm missing a tooth.  Not a good look for me!  I also got to push the vault door.  Trust me, it's heavy:)

On to my next stop: the Ford Center.  Workers there have been busy the past few days putting in new ice.  Just in time, too, because the IceMen start training camp next week.  When I was there they were working on the logos—getting them in just the right place.  I guess you really have to be careful, because once that ice is in-- there's no going back.  And no one wants to look at a crooked logo all season long!  I never made it to an IceMen game last year, but I'm determined to this time around.  First game, October 13th!


Now, the ice was the last thing I had lined up today.  I was waiting on a call back about something else, but it ended up not working out.  Never ideal, but it happens.  Luckily, right around that time I found about an update to a story I'd covered several times in the past few months about a lawsuit filed by Evansville resident Alan Brill against the City of Evansville.  Mr. Brill, who even went through the trouble of representing himself during a day-long trial, disagrees with the Parks Board's decision to tear down Roberts Stadium and wanted a judge to either reverse it, or issue a permanent injunction to keep the building standing.  We'd been waiting on a ruling on this since last Friday.  So, I headed over to Judge D'Amour's office to pick up the ruling.  The lawsuit was dismissed.   Once I found that out, I decided to stop by the Mayor's Office to see if he might be around for a comment.  I have learned our mayor is a VERY busy guy.  He wasn't in the office (no surprise), but I was able to track him down after today's Rotary meeting.  Kind of felt like his personal paparazzo standing outside the Casino Aztar Conference Center waiting for him to come out!

Interestingly enough, the ruling was so recent, the mayor hadn't even heard the news yet.  When he had time to look it over, he said it was great news for the City of Evansville.  And it sounds like we could see the building start to come down within the next month or so.  Stay tuned… the Roberts Stadium saga continues!

Ok, last thing before I go.  Yesterday, I mentioned the mayor's tie as well as Ron Romain's—and pointed out his great tie/shirt combination.  Well, today I told the mayor about it.  Apparently he, and his Chief of Staff, Steve Schaefer, also noticed Mr. Romain's great clothing choice.  See, lawsuits and jobs aren't all we talk about!  Fashion is important, too! :)

Well, that's all she wrote for today.  Headed home to possibly attempt to cook for the second time in 3 days.  I'm feeling slightly inspired.  But, that feeling may easily be gone by the time I hit the East side.  I need to start being more like our 10pm producer, Katie.  She brings us treats quite often.  Today—bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies.  I ate more than my fair share.  Sorry to those who got to the crock pot too late to enjoy… they were very tasty!!  Thanks, Katie!

Until next time,