The mayor's tie

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend (I know I did)!  What a beautiful day Saturday for Race for the Cure.  We had fun wearing our homemade pink "Team 14" shirts.   Aren't they pretty?!   For some reason, though, we couldn't get Chad Sewich to actually wear the shirt (he seemed to be afraid he'd be showing off to much skin or something ;) ).


I must say, I was surprised to hear that turnout seemed to be lower than last year (with the rain) since it was so nice, but either way, it was still a lot of people all walking and running for a good cause!

Also Saturday I spent some time out at the 4-H Craft Show with my mom, grandma, two of my aunts and my cousin.  I had no idea how big that thing was!  So much to look at!  I ended up coming home with just one item though—a delicious Pumpkin Pie scented soy candle, hand-poured locally.  It smells sooo good—I just want to have it lit all the time!  I wonder how long I could get away with that at my desk…  (Thanks, Mom! She bought it for me:) )

As for work, today I covered the jobs announcement at United Companies.  Professional Transporation, Inc. (one of the three companies that make up United) is going to be adding up to 100 new jobs by 2015.  Unfortunately for people just learning of this today, 40 of those positions have already been filled.  But still, it's always good to hear of more opportunities for folks here in the Tri-State.

Finally, I know this isn't a fashion blog, but just for fun I should have taken a picture of Mayor Winnecke, Ron Romain and I together because apparently purple was the color of choice today.  I thought both the mayor and Mr. Romain had on great ties.  I give Ron extra points, though, for the striped shirt—made a great combo! 


Ok, time to head home!  Is it sad I'm so excited to eat my leftovers from yesterday??  I RARELY… very RARELY cook, but I must have been inspired because I made what turned out to be a pretty delicious Creamy Potato, Leek & Cauliflower Soup.  Yum!

Have a great night!

Until next time,