Tonight at 10: Merger mayor speaks at Yes for Unification rally

A hot race on the November ballot but there's no candidate.  Vanderburgh County voters are being asked to approve a city-county government merger.  Yes for Unification is hosting Mayor Carol Marinovich, the first mayor of consolidated Kansas City / Wyandotte County who's speaking tonight at a voter forum.

Time is running out for Henderson, Kentucky native Cleve Foster who's scheduled to be executed tomorrow in Texas. His attorneys went to the U.S. Supreme Court today seeking a fourth stay of execution.

There's been an arrest in an investigation into missing funds at an Ohio County, KY bank.

Mark your calendar. The dates have been released for the next ROMP event in Owensboro.

And it's a heart light that's helping heartbeats get back to normal. We'll check out this medical breakthrough that could help millions of Americans.

See you at ten, David James