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Around 100 new jobs coming to Evansville

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Evansville's mayor announced a local transportation company will add 100 new jobs to the city.

At a news conference today held by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Representatives Of Growth Alliance For Greater Evansville and The Indiana Economic Development Corporation, it was announced that Professional Transportation, Inc. plans to expand their headquarters in Evansville creating up to 100 new jobs over the next three years.

"I definitely think this is on the high end of good news," said Debbie Dewey, the president of GAGE.

The jobs the expansion hopes to create include those in management, IT, operations support, human resources, financial and voucher analysts and dispatch coordinators.

PTI provides ground transportation services in the US. It's a company that began in 1980 with just 15 employees. Today, there are more than 6,100 people working for PTI nationwide.

"Good fortunes have kind of come our way over the years and we're really thrilled. But, if you'd have asked me 32 years ago that it would have been to the scope that it is today, I don't think any of us would have imagined that," said Ron Romain, the President and CEO of United Companies.

PTI provides ground transpiration for railroad crews. It's expanding now after acquiring a former competitor whose parent company had filed for bankruptcy.

It's an expansion the city says represents a close to five and a half million dollar investment and includes expanding by 10,000 square feet the location at 3700 Morgan Ave..

"I think the really key message that the citizens of Evansville should know is PTI could have chosen anywhere in the United States to create these 100 jobs. They chose Evansville, and I think they chose Evansville because of the business environment and the quality of the workforce here," Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said.

"We felt Evansville, it was always our first choice, obviously, but we just needed to make certain that economically and financially it was going to make sense for us to do and it did," Romain said.

PTI says 40 of those 100 or so jobs have already been filled. As for the new jobs, they come in fields like management, IT, operations support, human resources, financial and voucher analysts and dispatch coordinators.

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