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Birmingham man's memory lost after work accident


A Birmingham man is stuck in time! He's reliving the same day over and over again after an accident. He wakes up every morning thinking it's Valentine's Day, and anything that has happened in his life since that day, he can't remember.

Brittney and Clark Flowers look like your typical newlyweds, talking, laughing, making dinner together, but for them these moments are short lived. In just a few hours Clark won't remember cooking with Brittney, what he had for dinner, or even talking to us in his living room. "Very scary," said Clark Flowers. "You wake up and I remember when I went to bed the night before."

But for Clark, the night before is always February 13th. It was that day that Clark had an accident at work. "As I'm on the ladder, I'm trying to organize some stuff, and I remember the ladder falling out from underneath me and then I remember one of the employees waking me up."

Clark headed to the hospital. He had a concussion. But little did these newlyweds know the road they would soon be traveling. "He just started slowly, slowly forgetting his day to all of a sudden one day he looked at me and said, ‘I don't remember my whole afternoon. It doesn't exist to me. I don't know what's going on,'" said Brittney Flowers.

Clark kept getting worse. And then there was the morning Brittney will never forget, the morning her husband woke up and wished her Happy Valentine's Day, a day that had already come and gone. "That was the day I didn't know what i was going to do," said Brittney Flowers.

They've seen doctor after doctor, and are told at any moment Clark's memory could come back. But until that happens, Brittney has to stay one step ahead of Clark, waking every morning at 5:30. "I will just start going over with him, do you remember that you fell and you had a concussion and you have a hard time remembering? And I will tell him what day it is and he's in disbelief."

Clark now keeps a journal, even sends emails to himself, but it still doesn't fill the hole of the past seven months. Pictures don't even help. "It feels too much like a parallel world. Almost like I'm there, but at the same time I'm not," said Clark Flowers.

We asked Clark if he would remember us interviewing him and he admitted, he wouldn't. "I didn't realize we were in football season, that the Olympics even happened, so regretfully I'm not going to remember this."

Clark can't work and that was huge hit to the couple financially since Clark made the majority of the income. Brittney works full time and goes to school, but paying the bills is still tough. Fortunately for them a lot of people are stepping up. There are several fundraisers going on throughout our area. To find out how you can help check out their Facebook page called "Clark and Brittney: Real Life Fifty First Dates"

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