Community supporting Lane with local events

Earlier Sunday afternoon, about a hundred people gathered at the Reitz Bowl to give Lane a thumbs up.
Earlier Sunday afternoon, about a hundred people gathered at the Reitz Bowl to give Lane a thumbs up.

The support continues for Lane Goodwin, the McLean County teenager battling a rare form of cancer.

A prayer service was held outside of his home Sunday afternoon. Several gathered on his front lawn to show their support and to give Lane a thumbs up.

Earlier Sunday afternoon, about 100 people gathered at the Reitz Bowl to give Lane a thumbs up as well and, a fundraiser was held in Robards.

14 News spoke to some of Lane's family members Sunday, and they say whether it's donations, prayer, or a simple thumbs up, all of the support is greatly appreciated.

There was no shortage of any of that Sunday, as two local events were held in honor of Lane Goodwin.

"The fact that this boy can get up every day, sick as a dog, and still give a thumbs up for pictures for his mom, it's just amazing," said Amy Severino. "He is truly truly a fighter."

Sunday, many people gathered at Reitz to Fill the Reitz Bowl for Lane, adding yet another photo, in show of support, for a 13-year-old boy many are calling a hero.

"You fight a little but harder," said Severino, who organized the event. "You fight a little bit longer when you have a support team. And I think, that's why he's hanging on, because of the support he's gotten from so many people all over the world."

"When stuff like that happens, everybody seems to come together for it. It's a good community," said local mother Holly Wells.

That community spirit was also felt in Robards, Kentucky as Rockhouse Pizza held a fundraiser for Lane and his family.

"Strictly donations. Pizza is free as long as you donate," said Rockhouse owner Lindsey Embry.

Embry says they raised over $10,000 dollars Sunday, to help Lane's family pay for medical expenses.

"It's just amazing what people have done today here," she said. "I told everybody, I can't do what he needs but I can do this."

Some of Lane's family members were at Rockhouse Pizza Sunday, and they say Lane was able to see the support via remote video casting. They also say it will take a miracle to save Lane's life, but that he is happy to be a part of something bigger than himself.

"It just means a lot to him, because he wants everyone to know that this childhood disease is so out there and so big that people need to know to try to help kids with cancer," said Lane's Great Aunt Claudia Wayne. "Because they're dying every day from it. We just need all the prayers and strength we can to get through this."

School officials at Reitz High School say they will hold another student-run rally of support for Lane on Thursday.

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