Low-Carb Craze

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

Millions of Americans have turned to low-carb diets to lose weight. But a new coalition of nutrition experts say it's not the right way to stay healthy.

The partnership for essential nutrition says people looking to lose weight should focus on lowering fat, not lowering carbohydrates.

The group unveiled a new television commercial which will air nationwide later this summer. In the ad, the group warns a lack of carbohydrates can actually reduce brain power and cause other significant health problems.

Barbara Moore of Shape Up America remarks on the low carb craze. "I wonder if it's not appropriate to put a warning label on low carb foods that it may be hazardous to the unborn child or to children."  This group wants the federal government to step in and regulate the way low-cab products are packaged and sold.

Doctors also say in the long run, you don't end up losing any more weight than a traditional low-fat diet.