Survivor Story

It's quitting time on Friday!  Hooray!  I'm about to leave work to go decorate some pink, glittery shirts for Race for the Cure with reporters Laura McNutt and Allyson Kraemer.  Got to be all dolled up for tomorrow!  Hopefully attendance will be through the roof compared to last year when the rain decided to show up.

It was such a pleasure to work on two stories this week featuring breast cancer survivors in the Tri-State.  Here are a few more pictures of Carol Rogers and her daughter, Sarah.  Carol lost both her mother and Sarah to the disease-- and has beaten it twice herself.  She is one pretty awesome lady!!  It is true what they say—just about everyone is impacted somehow by breast cancer.  My aunt is a survivor and for that our family is very thankful!


While a good portion of the day was dedicated to putting together Carol's story, I still had a few other things to go cover.  The first was a surprise.  I came in a little early today to get a head start and it just so happened I was the only one around when we found out about an accident.  A car was supposedly into a house on the East side.  I headed to Bellemeade and Villa Drive, and it turned out a truck was in someone's yard (thankfully, not the house)!  Two people were on stretchers, so I'm hoping they are alright.  I don't think there were any major injuries.  It was definitely quite the wake-up call for the guy who lived in that house.  He told me he just moved in a week ago!  And today, he found out from a neighbor that area sees quite a few accidents.  Guess the realtor didn't mention it…

I also got to make a trip downtown to the Pagoda, home of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau, to talk with Executive Director, Bob Warren.  He, and a few of their board members, got back late last night after a road trip that covered 1,132 miles!  Eek!!  They were cruising the open road to visit baseball/softball complexes in Elizabethtown, KY, Bowling Green, KY, Jackson, TN, Chattanooga, TN and South Haven, MS.  All of that in just two and a half days!  The CVB is interested in possibly building a new baseball/softball complex here, and this trip was basically for research purposes.  Bob tells me they came back with a lot of information, but it seems like it may be quite a while before any big steps forward are taken.

All in all, everything went pretty smoothly today. Always love it when that happens.  The only real snafu came while I was taping myself for something this afternoon.  I managed to get almost to the very end of what I needed to say… and then the microphone battery died.  I didn't realize it until I was re-watching what I'd taped, and THAT is why the playback option on our cameras is so key!

Well, it's time to head to Hobby Lobby and buy everything they have that sparkles and can be applied to a t-shirt.  Hope to see you all Saturday morning.  Just look for the best dressed ladies thereJ Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,