Two awesome families

Phew!  We're more than halfway through now.  That's a good thing because this week is wearing me OUT!  But in a very good way.  I've had the opportunity to interview and spend time with some pretty awesome people the last few days!

First, let me tell you about Brian.  If you caught the 5pm news tonight, you got to see his story.  It's a pretty uplifting one, if you ask me!  Brian is 27 years old and loves to volunteer and help out.  So, earlier this summer when he saw folks training for the YMCA Half Marathon running down his street in the heat, he thought to himself—I should hand out water to them!  Voila, an idea was born!


Brian works at Taco Bell three days a week and uses part of his paychecks to buy water and cups needed to keep those runners and walkers refreshed.  Every Tuesday evening he, his mom and his sister set up two tables in front of their house, fill up dozens of cups and hand them out as runners go by—just like they do at official races.


Last night when I stopped by, it was a pretty cool evening.  Still, many people accepted Brian's water with gracious "thank you's".  It was nice to watch and fun to shoot.  And even better to put together and share today!  Brian plans to be at the Race for the Cure this weekend and at the Half Marathon handing out water, so be on the lookout!


The other touching story I covered today won't air until tomorrow.  It's a profile story, a "Survivor Story", about a young mother in Newburgh named Jamie who is fighting breast cancer.  She and her family will be at Race for the Cure as well, decked out in their camo shirts.  It was pretty funny tonight when Jamie's little boy, Jakob (age 6), read what the shirt said for me: "Stop the war in my rack."  He seemed confused about why we were laughing :)

Jamie is just 32 years old and is undergoing chemotherapy right now for Stage 4 breast cancer.  She's rocking a fabulous short new haircut (the first time she's been blonde in her life!) and is proof that breast cancer does not care how old you are.  We'll hear more from Jamie tomorrow night on the news, but I sure had a fun time hanging out at her house tonight.  Such a beautiful family!  Jakob showed off some videos he shot today on Mommy's iPhone and his little sister, Sidney (4), couldn't get enough of my camera!  She even did an interview about her mom and why she loves her.  So cute:)


And, let me preface this last part by saying that I DID get approval to share this.  Jamie and her hubby Josh have a great "how we met story"!  (I'm a sucker for good "how we met stories", by the way).  Apparently as students at USI, they shared a few classes.  Jamie had her eye on Josh and kept trying to sit by him, but he would then end up sitting somewhere else.  Finally, he woke up and noticed his lovely future wife and asked her to come to a party at his buddy's house.  Well, apparently that first "date" involved Josh wolfing down tacos in the car and Jamie holding her keys in her fingers just in case she needed to poke Josh's eyeball out as he was driving her somewhere out in the country near St. Phillip.  How romantic!  Luckily, no keying was necessary.  Today, Josh and Jamie are close to 10 years of marriage and have  two beautiful kiddos.  Here's to kicking cancer's butt!!!

Be sure to watch Jamie's story tomorrow, and check out Brian's if you missed it!  Two great families I'm so glad I was able to meet!!

Until next time,