Tonight at 10: Green light for a new skate park in O'boro

On a three to two vote,  Owensboro officials approve spending $800 thousand dollars to build  a new concrete park for skaters and BMX riders. Tonight at ten the scoop on where it will be built and when the work will start.

A protest planned before the Human Relations Commission banquet tonight. The protest is against a decision to cut some funding to the Commission.

A behind-the-scenes look at a realistic emergency drill involving a bio-hazard scenario in Evansville.

Kroger is recalling spinach sold at grocery stores in 15 states including Indiana and Illinois due to possible Listeria contamination.

And we'll hear why many women don't get a mammogram that could save their lives.  The agruments against a mammogram include it's unnecessary and uncomfortable. We'll follow a woman as she goes through the procedure.

See you at ten, David James