A day-changing email

Wow, what a difference an email can make!  I was sitting here around 5:15pm writing up my blog, starting to wrap things up for the day, when we got an email from someone about a story.  It was something we'd talked about covering before, but hadn't yet.  So, this entry was put on hold and off I went.  And let me tell you—it was worth staying here a little late tonight.  I don't want to say too much until tomorrow night when the story airs, but I will tell you, this story is the reason why I am a reporter.  It's the epitome of the kind of news I love to share: good news.  Heck, even fantastic!  It is a true example of someone giving of his time (and digging into his bank account) to do something so very kind and generous for someone else.  I can't wait to put the story together tomorrow and tell you more about it.  Hopefully you can catch the 5 and 6pm news Wednesday to see it!

On a much more somber note, I did want to write just a little bit about yesterday's awful accident that took the life of a Wood Memorial High School student.  I didn't cover this story, but of course followed along as the information came in.  These kinds of tragedies are always so hard to cover.  They are very emotional and that can lead to touchy situations.  I hope everyone knows these are not stories we reporters (or at least the ones I know) like to cover. I certainly do not.  The unfortunate truth, though, is that it's part of our job.  One of, if not THE hardest parts of the job, for me.  So, in this time of great sadness in and around Oakland City, I wish you all strength and comfort.  I'm sure many are at the candlelight vigil going on right now for Kalin.

Life can be so short and seem so unfair; a reminder to be thankful for what we do have.

Until next time,