A rainy Monday & a weekend of "firsts"

Well, I'll tell it to you straight.  This is going to be a long entry, so I hope you've got a few minutes!  I guess I'm just feeling particularly long-winded on this rainy Monday:)

More on the weather a little later, but first, I'd just like to reflect on the weekend for a second.  Mainly, because it was about five times more eventful than most of my weekends, and also because it involved many "firsts" for me.

The first "first" was Saturday morning:  my first time being  part of a yard sale!  I've been to many of them, but never on the selling side of things.  Of course, with yard sales, the weather is always pretty crucial.  Thankfully, it could not have been more perfect: blue skies, some lovely clouds, but still sunny and not too hot or cold.  We lucked out!

Guess how much money I walked away with in my pocket??  A whopping $5!!  (To be fair, I only had a few things in the sale—I have a hard time parting with things!)  My mom, aunt, cousin and a few others did most of the dirty work, sorting through things and pricing them.  I mainly just socialized and helped carry some finds to shoppers' carsJ  But wow, it is truly amazing what people will buy!  And I say this in kind, because I, myself, am a "yard sale person" and have bought some of that "stuff" before.  We ended up with a lot of leftovers that went to St. Vincent, but the overall experience was a good one.  It was really nice to spend the morning with my family.  Most of the time we had more workers than shoppers—myself, my mom, my grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, my (hopefully!!) future sister-in-law and her mom—but I think we all enjoyed it!

My second "first" came Saturday night.  Notre Dame had a pretty big football game against Michigan State and we decided to watch it outside.  So, my brother and boyfriend set up a projector outside on the back of my parents' house. We grilled out, sat in folding chairs, ate home-popped popcorn (thanks, Randy F.) and watched the Irish get the "W".  If only IU would have pulled it off at the end, we'd have been even happier.

Finally, my third "first" was an all-day adventure to French Lick on Sunday.  While the boys went golfing along with my aunt & uncle, the rest of us went exploring.  What a quaint town!  And talk about some gorgeous hotels!!  My brother's fabulous girlfriend and I pretended we were staying at the French Lick resort and enjoyed the rocking chairs on the veranda.   They also had a little street fair going on where we gobbled down some homemade noodles and watched people carve huge figurines out of logs with chainsaws.  How one discovers that talent, I have no idea, but it was pretty fun to watch!

Ok, enough about the weekend, back to the soggy day of work many of us had.  Luckily, most of my assignments did not require me to be outdoors, but I did have to do a little shooting outside for my story about the full cloverleaf at the 41/Lloyd interchange the City and INDOT announced today.  My camera didn't have official "rain gear" with it, so a plastic Wal-Mart bag filled in quite nicely.  And my tennis shoes came in handy.  If I would have had heels on while shooting video in the grassy area out there by the on-ramp to the Lloyd I would have had some really, really wet feet and some ruined shoes.  And of course, there was my live shot along the side of the Lloyd at 5pm in the rain.  This picture is of me and our editor/photographer Mitchell afterwards.  Nothing like a polka-dotted umbrella and bright yellow safety vest to complete an outfit!  Mitch took off his blue poncho before the picture, but it was just as bad.  Still, though, better than being SOAKING wet!

The one other stop I had today was at Old National Bank, where 85 charities from around the area were awarded checks for the money they earned by participating in the "Golf Gives Back" program.  It was part of the United Leasing Championship at Victoria National.  When someone bought a ticket to the golf tournament, they could pick a charity from a list online.  That charity then received about $33 per ticket from the proceeds.  A pretty good deal!  So today, they all got to take home the moo-lah!  It's nice to see our local non-profits and charities taking home dollars that will be put to good use!

It was also fun running in to some familiar faces this morning.  (That's one thing that happens a lot now that I'm working back in my hometown!  Yay Evansville!)  So, today, I got to catch up with Krista Decker, VP of Development for Youth Resources.  That's the organization that puts on the awesome TEENPOWER program every summer for middle and high schoolers.  It's aimed to promote a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle and just overall awesomeness among our youth.  I'm a TEENPOWER alum, and can't speak more highly of my time with them.  (Although it was probably the least amount of sleep I've ever gotten in a week's time!)  Anyway, Krista now has me signing up for yet another "first"—first time working a booth at the Fall Festival!   I'm an East-sider, so I usually just go for the grub and head home. This year, though, it looks like I'll be helping make peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (and undoubtedly trying a few!) for the Youth Resources booth.  All in all, it was a good morning.  (And, let me also add, they had one heck of a dessert spread that I took advantage of.  Two cookies and two brownies--hey there were A LOT left-- breakfast of champions!

Ok, time to get going!  I'm here way too late!

Until next time,