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305 Main 428-6666
$10-$15/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Full Service Bar/All Major Credit Cards

Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano
16401 E. Lloyd Expwy. 421-0800
$10-$15/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Beer and Wine/All Major Credit Cards

Bucks Pizza
5225 Pearl Dr. 484-2000
Under $10/Casual/Checks Accepted/Credit Cards

The Crazy Tomato
500 S. Green River Rd. 474-9977
Between $5-$15/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Checks /Beer and Wine/Credit Cards

Dilegges Italian
607 N. Main 428-3004
Under $10/Casusal/Reservations/Checks/Full Bar/Visa,MC,AmExp

Gagliandi's Pizzeria
1652 Morgan Ave. 962-1556
Under $10/Casusal/Checks Accepted/Visa,MC

Isabella's Italian Ristorante & Market
900 Tutor Lane Suite 101 437-2525
$10-$15/Casual/Reservations/Full Bar/MC-Visa

Johnny B's Pizza & Wings
2046 Hwy 41 N Henderson, KY (270) 830-7700
Under $10/Casual/Full Bar/Reservations Accepted/MC

Lil'O' Chicago's
1424 N Main 422-9203
Under $10/Casual/Cash/No Alcohol

Mr. B's Pizza & Wings
2611 Hwy 41 N Henderson, KY (270) 826-1111
Under $10/Casual/Reservations /Checks/Beer&Wine/MC

Nick's Pizza & Wings
1700 Morgan Center Dr 477-NICK
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Checks/Full Bar/Credit Cards

Noble Roman's Pizza
2403 Washington Ave 477-5347
4807 W Lloyd 424-0996
Washington Square Mall 473-4606
Under $10/Casual/Cash/MC-VISA

The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
1100 N. Green River Rd. 473-2903
Under $10/Casual/Reservations Accepted/Checks Accepted/Full Service Bar/ Credit Cards

The Pasta Grill
7700 Eagle Crest Blvd. 471-7825
Under $10/Casual/Reservations /Full Bar/All Major Credit Cards

Samuel Mancino’s
685 N. Green River Rd.471-4888
Under $10/Casual/Reservations /Checks /Full Bar/ Credit Cards

The Slice
2011 Lincoln Ave. 476-8518
1033 Mt. Pleasant Road 868-8135
Under $10/Casual/Beer and Wine/ Credit Cards

Talk of the Town
1200 Edgar St. 402-8692
Under $10/Casual/Check-MC

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