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Washington Ave crime scene linked to Hopkins Co burned body

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A crime scene in Evansville has been linked to a burned body found over the weekend in Hopkins County.

We're told around 2 A.M. the owner of the apartments at 841 Washington Avenue found blood and the signs of a struggle in one of the units and called police.

Evansville Police Department and Hopkins County investigators are working the case. Investigators were seen taking out handfuls of bags filled with evidence from inside the apartment.

They are not telling us right now what the link is between this scene and the body found this weekend.

On Saturday morning, Hopkins County dispatch was contacted about a vehicle on fire in a field off Highway 813 near Mortons Gap.

When they arrived, they found the body in the car.

Hopkins County investigators say they now know the burned car was rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the Evansville Regional Airport.

"Right now, we are treating them as connected. We don't know exactly what information they used to make that determination, but they felt strong enough that these two scenes were connected that they did bring the Hopkinsville authorities up this morning," EPD's Jason Cullum said.

An autopsy conducted earlier this week did not reveal the identity or cause of death of the deceased.

Investigators say it could take weeks or even months for a positive identification of the victim by DNA testing; but they say they are looking into a name they say could be the victim.

"We have some very good leads and ideas as to who this possibly could be, but the identity part has not been established due to probably DNA testing. It may take some while," said Sheriff Frank Latham with the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office.

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